The Mustachian Way of Life

Tom Selleck eat your heart out

No this is not an attempt to replicate the Monopoly Guy look by our crew. Having a bit of fun in the desert means adopting a change of pace on occasions. Once a week we have all our departments and outlying company representatives come in for a weekly update. Recently, we decided to celebrate the way of life with a mustache, so we all wore fake mustaches for the meeting. I will tell you if you’re not used to a mustache then a fake one becomes quite irritating after a few minutes wearing it.

The mustaches were ordered by an industrious individual who wanted to utilize them for April Fool’s Day, but as the mail is sporadic here they arrived a week or so after the momentous day. There they sat for several long months before we just decided to commit to an official mustache day for our command. One of our companies had a mustache growing contest very early in the deployment and as is often the case, some were able to grow very nice and properly coiffed mustaches and others just made the attempt.

This event also coincides with a recent discovery of an online blog called Mr. Money Mustache about a frugal individual and his family who have been able to retire early because of their frugal ways and their ability to save money and remain debt free. In the wardroom (our group of officers) we often talk about money expenditures and ask “would that be what Mr. Money Mustache would do?” You can check it out at

Well, that’s about all I have on the topic of mustaches. I’m way behind in my posts and have a ton of pictures that I need to get out. All in due time.

Update 26 September: Apparently Mr. Money Mustache monitors all reference to his blog site on the internet as I had about a gojillion amount of hits this morning when I woke up. If you haven’t checked out his site and are looking to re-shape the way you think about life and money, then I’d recommend visiting.

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2 thoughts on “The Mustachian Way of Life

  1. janet mittman

    Luv that pic!

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